Pulkovo International Airport, New TerminalRamboll

The design of the new terminal building and pier at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg is part of a €1bn redevelopment project which includes a hotel, business centre, office developments and extensive refurbishment of the surrounding infrastructure. As well as the new terminal, the modernisation of existing, dated accommodation transforms the airport in to a facility suitable for modern day travel. The overall design respects the airport's historic context and contributes to the operator's long-term plans to achieve a capacity of 22 million passengers per annum.The striking new roof of the terminal building has been designed to accommodate the varied extremes of the Russian climate. It has been conceived in modular bays, expressive structural 'trees' being positioned such that it can support the weight of standing snow experienced in the winter months.The concept of the internal arrangement takes its inspiration from the layout of St. Petersburg itself. Laid out in interconnecting zones, the grandeur of the large open spaces provides a fitting environment for the travelling passenger.

Value: €600m