London Underground, Wembley Park Station, Tube Lines Limited/London Underground Ltd.

Wembley National Stadium is the second-largest sports arena in Europe, with a capacity of 90,000 seats. Consequently the primary objective for the rail station project was to provide a facility capable of dealing with huge and sporadic surges in passenger numbers. It also had to offer an efficient, modern transit experience in every day operation.

To equip the station to handle the variances in passenger numbers, the project greatly increased capacity and improved accessibility and facilities for staff. A new events concourse was added onto the station, which opens when events are taking place, improving pedestrian flow and providing a safer route to and from the stadium.

A lightweight inflated roof brings natural light into the new building. More efficient to construct and maintain than conventional methods, the roof is the first of its kind on the London Underground network. Its dramatic sweep informs passenger movement towards the pedestrian bridges and platforms, while its supporting arches echo the iconic arch of the stadium.

Value: £54m