Varna and Burgas Airports, New TerminalsHalcrow

The new Terminal 1 at Burgas Airport and Terminal 2 at Varna Airport were designed with future extension in mind, such that their capacity can be readily increased, if necessary.

The new passenger terminal at Varna Airport covers an area of 20,000m², three times larger than the area for passenger service of the old terminal. T2 has vast areas for arriving and departing passengers, modern facilities for passenger service and baggage handling and attractive retail areas, as well as comfortable open spaces.

The state-of-the-art interior design was applied as well as first class management systems for passengers and baggage, fully integrated separate systems and electronic measuring/weighing and regulation of the terminal processes. Energy efficiency and flexible allocation of the spaces are other advantages of the terminal building.

The design of both terminals responds to the seasonal operation of these airports, allowing operational areas to be kept to a minimum during the low season. Local colour and materials references are integral within the design.

Value: Burgas: £22m + Varna: £27m