Trivandrum International Airport, New TerminalAirports Authority India

Pascall+Watson won the international design competition for a new international airport terminal at Trivandrum, in Kerala, Southern India. The capacity of the airport accommodates simultaneous peaks for both arrivals and departures of 500 passengers per hour, within an area of approximately 20,000m².

The design of the airport provides a readily expandable but dramatic volume which is based upon a highly efficient, deceptively simple organisational layout. Our solution is a simple rational design approach with building being defined as a response to climatic conditions and local design constraints.

The terminal building is located to secure a logical layout for future pier and terminal extensions where circulation patterns are clear and travelling distances can be kept to a minimum, in turn, the planning axis of the building imposes a natural grid for the landside areas, linking access by road, rail and water with attendant facilities and a terminal.

The diverse demands of planning car parking, safety and security were addressed by developing a unique fusion of internal and external of arriving and departing functions, creating a new concourse concept wholly appropriate to the location. Conceived as a single column free space, the departures lounge offers maximum flexibility with panoramic views to the aircraft.

Value: £15m