Stansted Airport, ExtensionsLondon Stansted Airport

Two major extension projects at Stansted Airport combine to increase the footprint of the original terminal building by approximately a third. The original concept for the airport established a very clear design aesthetic, defining a prescriptive language for any subsequent expansion.

The design solution for the departures and arrivals extensions fully respects the architectural integrity of the original concept, the transparency of seemingly effortless fully glazed facades revealing the inner life of the building and intuitively informing passenger wayfinding.

A particular success of the projects was the innovative design approach utilising design for manufacture and assembly techniques to deliver the construction at a significantly reduced cost.The projects included a re-design of both the airside and landside concourses within the existing building, the airside departure lounge being completely re-furbished to provide a new and exciting retail experience.

The arrivals extension project is effectively carbon neutral; biomass boilers, burning renewable forms of fuel, have been installed to generate hot water for direct use and heating purposes, reducing the terminal's carbon emissions by approximately 1.8m kg per year. This success has been recognised by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which awarded the project a grant under its Bio-energy Capital Grants Scheme.

Value: Departures: £63m + Arrivals: £48m