Siem Reap International Airport, New TerminalNSRIA Co Ltd

When designing a new terminal for Cambodia’s Siem Reap International Airport, we wanted to create something rooted in the character and landscape of this beautiful country, far removed from the glass box form common to so many of the world’s airports.

Our competition design was conceived as a series of pavilions containing retail, office, conference, hotel, transport and other functions, set in an open landscape with watercourses and ‘streets’, unified under a grand flower canopy. The canopy is the terminal’s defining feature, inspired by geometric motifs seen in the murals of nearby Khmer temples such as Angkor Wat.

Impressive and distinctive at any time, the flower canopy becomes almost magical at night, particularly when seen from the air, as illumination gives it the appearance of a glowing field of lush tropical flowers.

Environmental strategies are employed throughout the terminal, with greatly reduced levels of air conditioning in the check-in and arrivals concourses and the canopy itself providing lighting, services, weather cover and a dramatic drainage system for the monsoons.

Value: Undisclosed

World Architecture Festival Awards 2013

WAF Future Projects: Infrastructure - Shortlisted
October 2013