Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Saudi Oger, TAV Holdings, Al Rijah Holdings

The Muslim Hajj is the largest single movement of human beings on the planet, and for two months each year the airport serving it has to cope with the influx and egress of around 3m pilgrims, in addition to its usual passengers.

The international competition to design the new Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport called for a flexible terminal capable of providing a comfortable, efficient and high quality experience both in everyday operation and during Hajj.

Pascall+Watson’s competition-winning design for the airport addresses the logistical challenges the Hajj brings and captures a deep spiritual and cultural resonance. The airport takes its inspiration from the form of the indigenous palm, which in the desert means water and life and so is symbolic of hope, sanctuary, hospitality and welcome. The grand palm canopy is instantly recognisable on the approach to the airport by road or by air and is constantly discernible from spaces within the building.

Value: USD $1.5bn