Mexico City International Airport, New TerminalANAICM

The new terminal for Mexico City International Airport is a statement of Mexico’s confidence in a bright future, a voicing of its faith in both its own progress and its place as a leading economic power in the 21st century.

Our competition entry design, produced in collaboration with Sordo Madaleno, EC Harris and Aertec, offers both arriving and departing passengers an exciting, immersive and distinctive experience from the second they enter the building.

Relaxing natural light, gardens filled with lush vegetation, minimal level changes and dramatic views of the mountains create a refreshingly different setting for travellers, facilitating wayfinding and encouraging movement.

Using the building’s central spine for a double-level retail environment, the innovative design simultaneously keeps sightlines clear and exposes passengers to the maximum number of retail frontages.

Value: Design Competition

Images © Sordo Madaleno