King Abdulaziz International Airport, New TerminalSaudi Binladin Group

Following an initial design study by ADPI, the terminal building for King Abdulaziz International Airport, one of the largest airports in the world, was re-designed and delivered by Pascall+Watson.

The design of the building envelope has a strong conceptual form, with sweeping, curving lines and a cross-over structure resembling the crossing swords of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national emblem.

With the first phase of the terminal totalling 760,000m2 and a very aggressive programme, we needed to develop and apply a rigorous process for design development across the vast project. We worked closely with Atkins and Areen Design, and for the first time on a large-scale airport project, used Revit as an integrating tool for the building envelope.

Our redesign greatly shortened walking distances, reduced the capital investment and rationalised logistics.

Value: £5.1bn