Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Greenfield Terminal, Kenyan Airports Authority

Pascall+Watson’s competition-winning concept design for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is set to transform it into the largest single-terminal aviation hub in East Africa, capable of handling in excess of 30m passengers per annum.

As Lead Designers, Pascall+Watson co-ordinated a multi-disciplinary team made up of partners in London, Beijing and Nairobi. Detailed blueprints allow for incremental growth in discrete construction phases in response to changes in domestic and international traffic, including planned expansion by Kenya Airways and local carriers.

The design for the airport terminal and piers features a striking canopy roof based on the form of the indigenous acacia tree, adding a uniquely local and welcoming character to a highly efficient modern airport.

The transition from the surrounding grassland to the formal airport masterplan is achieved with careful landscaping. Planned green spaces are juxtaposed with sheltered public dwell areas that increase passenger capacity and comfort at minimal cost, a solution made possible by Nairobi’s position near the equator, which gives it a relatively benign climate.

Value: $600m