Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4 Airline Lounge

The fit-out of the new airline lounge at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 provides passengers with new luxurious seating, LED monitors and FID screens, wireless internet connection, a reception area, luggage room, an a la carte dining area, television viewing screens, a kitchen and a VVIP area.

Key to the success of this scheme was changing the perception of the existing lounge facilities from the passengers’ perspective. Our designs provided an upgraded lounge facility with a more efficient layout, a higher quality furniture offering and a sense of drama; in turn creating a real place of interest for passengers to enjoy.

Different locations were incorporated within the lounge and included an open seating area, a free flowing public area and a more private first class passenger lounge. Our designs incorporated innovative elements such as the use of switch automated privacy glass in the VVIP area and a visually striking and monolithic effect to the walls, created using thin tiles in a patterned configuration with an effective lighting design.

Value: £1.6m